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Nerium Pictures -Nerium Before and After Pictures Gallery

Nerium Before And After Pictures

The following Nerium before and after pictures are just a small sample of the Real Results gallery.

These are from people just like you, who have tried NeriumAD. They are not professionally taken nor edited.



Tuesday, October 15, 2013

NeriumAD was aired on “The View”


Jenny McCarthy from The View shared our Age-Defying Skin care treatment with the entire audience!

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NeriumAD Day Cream

neriumad day creamNeriumAD Day Cream – After about 2 years of releasing the flagship product NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment night cream, Nerium InternationalTM have decided to release their second product NeriumAD Day Cream.
After thousands and thousands of satisfied customers and raving reviews, the company decided to release a day cream as most people were still using some sort of product, mainly a moisturizer, during the day.
This post we will share the difference between the night and day cream, what it does for your skin and how you can get your hands on this patented and exclusive Nerium products.

NeriumAD Day Cream – Patented Anti-oxidant

As you probably already know at this stage, NeriumAD came about after an accidental discovery in biotechnology research. It was based on the Nerium Oleander extract (NAE-8). It is now official the this extract is a super anti-oxidant. It is also exclusive and patented to Nerium InternationalTM, meaning if you want the results our customers are having then you cannot get it anywhere else but at Nerium.
Although the night cream is our flagship product, and contains the higher concentrations of the extract, the day cream is also very potent. This is what other companies would have for a lead product, if they had the chance!

NeriumAD Day Cream – 24 Hour Experience

This cream came about as it was clear that most of our customers were typically still using a cream during the day, mainly some sort of moisturizer. Therefore it made perfect sense that the second product from this breakthrough technology would be a moisturizing day cream with the power of the Nerium extract.
The NeriumAD day cream is designed to work synergistically with the night cream and not to replace it. This means when you use both the night and day cream together, you would supercharge your results as opposed to using the night or day cream alone.
One of the main reasons people loved the night cream was because of its simplicity and ,of course, the results. You simply wash your face at night, apply the cream and wash it off in the morning. One product, one step, and all ages and skin types.
So we followed suit with the NeriumAD day cream as well so it is for all ages, demographics and skin types. This took a lot of research and dedication to make it happen. Now you have the 24 hour experience Nerium experience to have younger looking, healthier and radiant skin.
Here’s some pictures…

NeriumAD Day Cream – Ingredients

NeriumAD day cream contains these powerful ingredients:
  • Our exclusive NAE-8 antioxidant, which has been proven to help reduce the appearance of signs of aging.
  • Concentrated tripeptide blend, incorporated at clinical levels to give the appearance of smoother, tighter, and younger skin.
  • Vitamin C complex, which helps reduce the appearance of discoloration.
  • Green Tea antioxidant, which reduces the appearance of signs of aging, such as wrinkles and discoloration.
  • Four high-functioning moisturizers, including hyaluronic acid, for increased radiance and hydration.
Our revolutionary, nature-based products are noncomedogenic, cruelty free, and ideal for all skin types. They are also free of the following ingredients:
  • Propylene glycol.
  • Sulfates.
  • Parabens.
  • Gluten.
  • Mineral oil.
  • DEA.
  • Phthalates
  • Synthetic fragrance.
  • PABA.
  • Synthetic color.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nerium is in Beautiful You Magazine

Nerium featured in the Beautiful You magazine.

nerium ad

What’s NeriumAD?

Are you wondering what Nerium AD is? Let’s get straight into that. It is a simple but breakthrough anti-aging cream formulated to address:
  • Fine lines & wrinkles
  • Discoloration
  • Uneven Skin Texture
  • Enlarged Pores
  • Aging Or Loose Skin
Nerium AD (Age-Defying) treatment is a night cream developed from the patented extract of the Nerium Oleander plant. It contains the most effective age-defying ingredients, chosen for both their individual and synergistic benefits.
The extract is a patented super anti-oxidant. This means you can only get the power of the nerium plant from Nerium International.
Here are some before and after pictures.

These premium ingredients are blended at optimum levels to nourish your skin and provide real results, as seen in Nerium product reviews. These kinds of results are unique, as this is the first time a company is able to harness the power of the Nerium oleander plant for high-performance skincare.
We are not sure what other Nerium AD reviews have been saying about this. Some might call it “Nerium AD scam”, but this is simply ignorance. An intelligent being knows not to believe all what they read on the internet.
Here, we have the REAL scoop for you about this product.


Nerium AD – Special Formulation

With advanced biotechnology research on the Nerium oleander plant, an accidental discovery was made: the unique properties of Nerium oleander provided remarkable age-defying results when applied to the skin. This finding led to the creation of the NeriumAD skincare line.
Scientists developed a breakthrough process, NBio-PL2, to extract from the Nerium oleander plant in a way that preserves its unique and beneficial properties and the additional known benefits of Aloe Vera. This patent-pending extraction process yields the NAE-8 extract used to formulate this first-of-its-kind, age-defying product line.
What Do Skincare Professionals Think about NeriumAD… Watch The Video!
Nerium SkinCare, Inc. develops, formulates, and manufactures a line of “first of its class” botanical skincare products for topical application. The product development is founded on the technology, core science, and continuing research at leading medical institutions, using the latest scientific methods and technology. The unique product formulations utilize a new patent-pending extraction technology NBio-PLÇ™, and the resultant new Nerium extract, NAE-8™.
The Only Commercial Nerium Oleander Field
The Only Commercial Nerium Oleander Field
The product development starts with the science initiated at its USA-based environmentally friendly farming operations, where fields of Nerium oleander plants provide the raw material (biomass) for the botanical extract NAE-8.
Transitioning from the nursery environment to commercial farming, the company now has over 12 years of scientific experience commercially growing the Nerium oleander plant to provide a dedicated and renewable biomass resource reserved exclusively for biotechnology research, product development, and production.
Use of the Nerium oleander plant has been identified in ancient texts and folklore for more than 1,500 years. But it wasn’t until the last century that the scientific community took interest in researching its unique properties. Most recently, scientists in Turkey, Switzerland, Germany, Latin America, and the United States have worked to understand the beneficial qualities found exclusively in the Nerium oleander plant.

New Direct Selling Companies -Nerium International

Nerium is one of the fastest growing direct selling companies in history. Men and Woman across the world have made 6 figure income within their first year with the company. Success from home magazine and many other magazines have published about the fast growth rate of Nerium skin products. Its is still being called a ground floor opportunity, so now is the time to join. Below shows a picture of Neriums success in their first year.


With real science behind us, our Brand Partners have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to make a difference in their own financial and personal lives, as well as in the lives of others.Nerium International’s Brand Partners have a powerful opportunity of owning their own business with:
  • Exclusive Products
  • Proven Marketing System
  • Lucrative Compensation
  • Proven Leadership and Management
  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Top-Quality Tools and Training
  • A Flexible Schedule and Workplace
  • A Strong Social Community
  • Recognition and Rewards
  • Lifestyle: Freedom of lifestyle makes relationship marketing the ultimate home-based business.
  • Leveraged Residual Income: Enjoy residual income on the sales production of your organization.
  • Unlimited Potential: No glass ceilings. You to decide how much you want to earn.
  • Limited Risk: The amount of financial commitment is minimal compared to that of traditional business.
  • No Boss: You are the owner and manager of your own business!
  • No Employees: Relationship marketing is a business of people independently working together.
  • Low Operating Costs: Your business operates at low costs compared to any other business model.

Get a Free Lexus Car With Nerium International


Congratulations on earning your Lexus with Nerium, Meredith!
In her own words: "Driving off the lot in my new Lexus was surreal. To think that I earned this beautiful car by sharing an amazing product is tough to get my mind around! Nerium has brought so much joy into my life and I'm forever grateful to the friend who introduced the opportunity to me."

Nerium International brand partners have opportunities to earn cash bonuses, free products, vacations, and even a free Lexus. Nerium rewards there sellers with luxury items and it sure is getting attention.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ways To Make Your Pores Look Smaller

Having large pores can be a very frustrating issue to fix. There are many reasons the skin can have enlarged pores like sun exposure, make up, it can even be hereditary. Here is a list of a few things you can do to reduce the size of pores on your face.

Nerium Cream

There are a few different ways to make your pores smaller.

1. Keep your face clean. As soon as you can wash all your makeup off after wearing.

2. Splash face with cold water.

3. Make green tea mini freeze pops and use on clean face.

4. Use a product like Nerium to reduce the pore size.